Re-Grading Work

As you all have no doubt observed, Reconstruction Experts (RE) are in the process of bringing the regrading project to a close.  Their office and tool storage trailers, along with the heavy earth-moving equipment, have been removed and the staging area where they were located has been cleared of rocks and debris. There are still several items that need to be finalized before the project will be considered completed.

 The Directors walked through Heritage for several hours on two different occasions in the past two weeks with the project team from RE, reviewing the work that had been done and pointing out areas where more work was needed to make finished product look proper and meet all of the requirements that were in the contract.  That resulted in a detailed 6 page document listing every item, no matter how small, needing to be addressed.  While the heavy work of regrading is finished, RE will be working over the next couple of weeks to finish all of the items on that list.

 Now that the regrading is being finalized, our landscape maintenance provider, Schultz Industries, will begin the process of restoring the landscape.  Their first activity is to clear out all of the weeds that have sprung up, which they will begin doing on Monday, June11,  They have posting notices regarding the weed killer they will be using, so please be aware and be careful with your pets, so that they don’t ingest any of the weed killer.

 As you may have noticed, the sprinkler system has been fully turned on, and the watering for the next few weeks will be at 150% of “normal”, to assist the grass that wasn’t taken out with the regrading to come back from the winter cold and the dry conditions we’ve experienced throughout the winter and most of the spring.  The “extra watering will continue with the placement of new sod, to help it get established.  We know that there are some problems with the sprinkler system working properly, due to dirt and small stones that got into the pipes from breaks that occurred during the regrading activities.  Schultz will be staying on top of these problems and fixing them as soon as they become apparent.

 Toward the end of June, Schultz will be preparing the bare areas for sod by putting down top soil and then placing the new sod.   At this same time, they will also be planting the trees that are replacing the dead and dying ones that didn’t make it through the winter intact.  The expectation is that everything slated for the landscape restoration will be in place and the sprinkler system functioning fully and properly by mid-July.

 The Directors are very appreciative for your support and patience over these last several months of a seemingly never-ending regrading process.  We think that we’ve documented all of the issues that needed to be corrected before official project is declared complete.  The work that RE has done is warranted for one year, so that when the project is officially declared finished, if you see something around your home that doesn’t look right to you, please contact our property manager, Holly Dennis, and let her know the problem that you’ve noticed, so it can be addressed under the warranty with RE.  Likewise, letting Holly know of any sprinkler problems will assist Schultz in getting them corrected more quickly.

 Thank you all for your help and support,

 The Heritage Board of Directors